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Geomapplica Conference 2018


25 – 29 June, 2018, Syros-Mykonos Islands, Greece


It is with great pleasure to invite you at the Geomapplica 2018 International Conference on Geomatics Applications. The Conference will be held in Syros – Mykonos Islands, Greece, on June 25-29 2018, organised by the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the School of Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece.

The Geomapplica 2018 International Conference is an international event, aiming to present ongoing research activities and advances at the various applications of Geomatics. Earth sciences focus on real word problems, not only of individuals or working groups from the public or private sector, but also from organisations, research institutes and universities around the world. The use of Geospatial Data is the rising force to the various applications of Geomatics, covering sciences spanning from conventional Surveying to Global Mapping Systems, UAV Photography to High Resolution Satellite Imagery Processing and Spatial Data Analysis to Geospatial Programming. In the light of the latest technological advancements new more powerful and economically affordable techniques are developing continuously concerning the stages of data production to their conceptual and quantitatively representation through specialized software. New forms of data like LIDAR imagery & UAV Photography are be used in the quest of results on applied problems. More sophisticated processing techniques are developed in photogrammetry and the uses of GISs are converging to imagery. Applied and research fields like Geology, Ecology, Topography, Archeology, Tourist Industry, Real Estate, Forestry etc, are using forms of remotely sensed data and organize geographical information in GIS. Those facts are making the spread of novel developed analysis methods extremely valuable in all Geomatics sciences. Geomapplica International Conference aims in joining individuals having similar research and applied interests.

The series of Geomapplica Conferences are designed having as rulers the academical, practical, social and cultural aspects of the events. The topics of the conference provide a full inside of the latest developments and practical applications of Geomatics technologies under the moto

Geomatics. Future Trends and Applications

The Conference venue, islands of Syros & Mykonos are among the most popular destinations for summer vacations and recreation. They provide the unique identity of the Greek Aegean Archipelagos in a distance of one hour sea trip from Athens capital. Conference’s visitors and participants will have the opportunity to mix with the local culture, traditions, cuisine and traditional market. Workshop field trips are also provided and also a chance to visit the holy island of Delos in a daily sea-cruise.

All scientists, professionals, young or senior researchers and technical experts interested in the topics of the GEOMAPPLICA Conference, are strongly encouraged to present their papers. Authors are requested to submit abstracts, to the Conference abstract submission system. The important deadline dates for conference participation & guidelines have been announced. Check the important dates page for details.

For any queries regarding the GEOMAPPLICA Conference, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat.

On behalf of the organising committee, we make each and every effort for a fruitful and successful Geomatics Applications GEOMAPPLICA 2018 Conference!

Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Perakis

Conference Director