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Final Notices

Daily Sea Cruise

On Thursday, 28 of June, Geomapplica International Conference is going on a daily sea Cruise!

The cruise will start at 9 pm from Syros port. Participants will board in a professional, exclusively hired catamaran boat sail to the Delos island, the first stop of the trip.

 Delos was the Holy Island during the Classical antiquity and Roman Era. In the present the hole island is an archaeological site and any human activity is forbitten.

In Delos there will be a 2 hours stop, guided tour on the antiquities of the island and the local museum.

 Next to Delos and after a 20 minutes sea journey the cruise boat will arrive in Mykonos Island.

Landing in two deferent shores are planned in Mykonos. One at a cosmopolitan beach for swim and beverages and later one other in the main city of  Mykonos. Free hour for shopping and browsing in the local market is in the program.

Return to the island of Syros is planed in about 7 pm at the port of Syros.

In total

  • The sea cruise is not included in the Conference fees and the participation is optional.
  • The participation costs 50 euros per person. Students and groups of more than 4 persons are entitled of a discount. Payment for the sea cruise will be made in situ at the Conference secretariat in cash only.
  • Sea fare, entrance to the archaeological site and museum, light lunge and buffet in the boat are included in the cruise fee
  • Participants that would like to joint the day cruise must sent an email to secretary@geomapplica.eu declaring the names of persons that will board in order to form the list o person that will visit the archaeological site of Delos. 

Discounts from Blue Stat Ferries

After arrangements with the Blue Star Ferries Company, a 30% discount has been offered (cars transportation included) to any one or two-way ticket to all the conference participants that will travel to conference venue and back.


To join the discount list, please sent email to secretary@geomapplica.eu with subject “Blue Star Ferries List of Travel” and in body the foul names of the persons that will travel either from Mykonos or Pireaus to Syros.


Geomapplica Conference will be broadcast online through a teleconference service. Participants that for any reason are not able to join the conference in person, may take place to conference sessions through the service. In details the process has the following possibilities:

  • Participants may join any conference session through teleconference interactively. That means that remote participants may address questions or even intervene in person using cameras.
  • Participants may present their work through the teleconference and answer questions.
  • Participants will have the same opportunities in publications and conference academic provisions.
  • All sessions will be recorded and will be available to any future reference.

There is no need of special hardware or software installation and teleconference sessions are accessible on any device (pc, mac, iphone, ipad, smartphone) using a browser only be the presence of a quick broadband connection to Internet.

A trial teleconference will be established before the conference only for the participants that would declare that they will participate using Virtual Participation. Participants will be notified before the trial broadcast and an e-invitation by email will redirect them in the teleconference.