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Traveling Information

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Conference Venue

The Geomapplica International Conference venue is the Island of Syros. It is situated in the middle of Cyclades Islands complex close to Myconos, Delos and Tinos. The capital of Syros is the city of Ermoupolis which will hold the Conference processes.

Moving for the conference needs by using only pedestrian means is one of the basic venue advantage since every related location is less than 10 minutes walking inside Ermoupolis urban road web.

The Conference venue is the building of the Cultural Center and the Apollon Theater near by Kanaris Square  in the center of the Ermoupolis Syros city. Both buildings are marvelous examples of neoclassic architecture and cultural heritage. The buildings main entrances are situated in a walking distance of 2 minutes.

The secretariat of the Conference will be open at Cultural Center Hall at all time.

A conference delegation will be at the port Syros by the time that ferries arrive in order to welcome all participants and to provide first hand information and directions. Please, at your arrival at the port try to locate the conference banner and representatives.

Traveling Information

The easiest way to join the Geomapplica Conference is by arriving in the International Airport of Mykonos. After that someone may use the public transportation bus or a taxi and arrive to Mykonos port, take the midday ferry and after 30 minutes will arrive to Ermoupolis Syros.

Alternatively, participants may arrive in the Athens National Airport E. Venizelos and use the public transportation to reach the port of Piraia ( Akti Miaouli). At the point there are starting points for all the ferries traveling to Cyclades Island. The sea trip is made by modern large boats and the trip to Syros lasts about 2 hours. The ferry arrives inside the port of Syros and no other transportation mean is needed.

The Conference Organizing Committee has made an arrangement with the Blue Star Ferries Company. An 30% discount has been offered to any one or two-way ticket to all the members that will travel to conference venue and back.

To join the discount list, please sent email to secretary@geomapplica.eu with subject “Blue Star Ferries List of Travel” and in body the foul names of the persons that will travel either from Mykonos or Pireaus to Syros.


Special prices offers has been arranged with hotels in Syros for the accommodation of the conference. To make reservations please sent email to the hotel of your choice using as subject “Geomapplica Conference Reservation” and ask for confirmation of your reservation.

Please make your reservations as soon as possible.


Single Room :48,50€ ΒΒ/day (no view)

Single Room :58,50€ ΒΒ/day (with view)

Double Room : 68,50€ ΒΒ/day

Three bed Room :78,50€ ΒΒ/day

The above prices include buffet breakfast. An extra 1,5 € per room per night accommodation tax must be added.

Web Page : http://www.hotelnisaki.gr


Single Room :43€ ΒΒ/day (no view)

Double Room : 72€ ΒΒ/day

Three bed Room :93€ ΒΒ/day

Suite   : 125€ ΒΒ/day

Studios with all living facilities included

Two bed Studio 50€ ΒΒ/day

Three bed Studio 58€ ΒΒ/day

Four bed Studio 73€ ΒΒ/day

In studios breakfast costs an additional 5€/day/person

Web Page : http://www.palladion-hotel.com